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Welcome to Green Capital

We Are More Than Just Building

Welcome to Green Capital

We Are More than Just Building

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Serving all Islands & Cays of The Bahamas

Our company is nascent, established in 2012, we are a General Contracting Bahamian Company that uses ICF methods. Family-owned and operated business. Green Capital Construction launched its company, and has grown since then, providing Net Zero Construction, Design-Build, Project Management services, multi-family and custom residential construction.

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Modern House


We at Green Capital understands the challenge that come with trying to squeeze a square peg into a circle, its the same with projects. The best fit PMLC (Project Management Life Cycle) model approach must be determined while pursuing a project goal and solution.  We also know that project work often happens in parallel or precedents which creates dependencies for other activities.  We specialize in serving business owners, investors and developers through General Contracting, Design-Build and Construction services.

We have engaged both single family and multi-family projects.



Our team build structures that deliver sustained interior temperature and comfort, that has a R-Value equals 40.  These structures are also energy efficient providing a 4 hour fire delay. For Multi-story structures we engage interlocking beams, suspended floors, that sound proof ceilings below, ultimately producing a structure that is fortified, hurricane, tornado, and earthquake tolerant. We further provide quality service throughout the 700 Islands & Cays of The Bahamas with integrity and diligence, we are committed to being a company you can rely on to get the job done.


The passive house model was developed 30 years ago by a European Physicist Wolfgang Feist.   Every year in the Bahamas we encounter 340 days of sunshine and heat, and also 180 days of hurricane season.  Passiv e housing is a standard used to design and build homes to be more energy efficient than conventional buildings.

We do this by adding extra insulation to the exterior walls creating a seal layer around the building, and preventing cool air from escaping.

The tight envelope reduces air leakages and creates an air barrier that causes very tight air exchanges per hour.

A passive/Netzero house standard can reduce your energy consumption for cooling demand by 90%.

You get an extremely healthy comfortable building that has an impact on your physical health and also your mental health.

Net Zero Construction
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