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Using ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) in The Bahamas

An ICF block consist of two polystyrene panels and a vinyl inserts for the core.

The block comes in various lengths and heights and shapes. The core also comes in varied sizes. Further, the block incorporates the use of #4 & 5 steel going vertically and horizontally. In most case the spacing of the steel going vertically is 16 inches on center. ICF construction is most used in areas and locations where there is hurricanes and earth quakes.

Because we in The Bahamas experience an average temperature of 80-86 degrees 350 days a year this would be an abvious choice for construction.

The properties of an ICF block underpins this kind of construction in our environment here in The Bahamas. Further, because of our electrical cost is astronomical, ICF supports energy efficiency using the perimeter wall system.

The block retards mold, mildew, water, and fire.

The risk to insurance companies is reduced therefore the premiums to insurance holders are reduced.

The ICF block concept will certainly become an intrigal player in the way we do construction in the future.

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