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ICF Footing & Below Ground Blocks for Foundation

The use of ICF Footing System proves to fast track the work elements, and to be an efficient and most effective procedure for building foundations in construction. The process starts with cutting the foundation and ensuring it is cleaned completely to prepare for the installation of the footing system which consists of vinyl ties, spaced 24" on center. The ties has provision to accept the #5 Steel to be attached underneath, allowing room for suspension of the steel off the ground. There is also an allowance of the tie for additional #5 steel should it be required accordingly. Most engineers require three (3) lengths of #5 steel for the footing.

Added to the ties are 2 X 12 foam lengths on both sides and as well as 1 X 4 length foam at the top of the ties adjacent to the 2 X 12 length foam.

The below ground foundation blocks sits on the top of the 2 X 12 foam lengths and the 1 X 4 foam on either side of the ties and is used to stabilize the ICF Block when the concrete is poured.

Once the footing and below foundation walls prep is completed, #5 steel is installed vertically 16" on center tied (either zip ties or tie wire) onto the #5 horizontal steel housed to the vinyl ties. For the foundation we use between 8-10" core for the the foundation block.

This method would allow for you to transfer the footing task and the foundation block task from the WBS on your schedule, from a precedent task, to a parallel task.


if you intend to go this route, you will have to adjust your project schedule and the network diagram, and, lastly, to confirm your budget would allow for both tasks to be carried out at once. Further, you will have to determine the critical path and what float or slack you have on your schedule.

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