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Light weight, insulated EPS ICF forms for suspended concrete floors are being seen more regularly. This method has an advantage over traditional concrete floor systems for the following reasons:

a. It provides the thermal break required for proper heating design when radiant floor heating is used.

b. The light weight panels can be hand-placed quicker and at lower cost than craned-in-place systems and with fewer associated injury risk.

c. When temporary shoring is required , it can be placed at 6" o.c. as opposed to the standard practice of 4" o.c. when forming concrete slabs conventionally.

d. Sturdy concrete floors with little or no deflection or camber also provide an exceptional sound barrier and a one-hour-plus fire rating. The perfect choice for buildings with basements suites, family homes or in townhouse or low-rise developments.

These ICF floor forms are made from varying thickness and grades of EPS complimented with light gauge steel studs molded into the panel which serves as attachment strips for the drywall. Depending on the panel's weight they can be shipped to the site in 2' or 4' feet widths and are custom cut to length.

The lighter weight of these floor types substantially reduces the overall weight of the building too. This in turn reduces the size of the footings and the foundation requirements which ultimately saves money.

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