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Unlike North America, where ICF's first gained acceptance in the residential sector, most ICF Projects in the Caribbean are large commercial jobs. Several of these includes the Willemstad Bank in Curacao and the H.C.Moore Library, part of the College of The Bahamas in Nassau.

In both cases, the projects were designed as CMU and a member of the construction team convinced the owner to flip the project to ICF. In the case of the library, the structural engineer was familiar with ICF's and convinced a "very very skeptical general contractor and project management" to allow for a product demo. Two men installed a twenty foot mock-up five feet high wall in three hours. Then he further showed how ICF would lower the entire project cost, the deal was sold.


In the case of the Bank, it was the electrical contractor who convinced the Owner that the ICF were a better fit for the building, a green, energy efficient Bank. Green Building was the solution and won.


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