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Cost and the cultural factors noted earlier, ICF's are rarely seen in residential work. One notable exception is Paddington #1, built in Jamaica's capital city of Kingston, Jamaica in 2009. The 9000sqft home set a benchmark for its size, quality and finishes. In addition to insulated concrete walls, floors and roof, its features geothermal AC, solar hot water, LED lighting

and high efficiency, hurricane impact

resistant windows and doors.

Clearly the Caribbean has significant potential for the ICF industry, and much of the ground work is already in place. In many countries- The Bahamas, The Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and others - ICF have overcome their previous reputation and are seen as a Top Quality building material for durable energy efficient construction.

Keys to continue growth include, education, skilled labor and working to mitigate the cost factors through careful value engineering project management technique seeking to find balance between cost, time and quality.

Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas

Gated Community completed as "Green" with ICF Construction and Solar energy. OakRidge Estates, Nassau, Bahamas

Oakridge Estates Luxury Home Nassau, Bahamas

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