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Projects Projects fall into one of four " quadrants " however, TPM - ( traditional project management ) is the most simple of project management styles. TPM- using the critical path approach reacts to the performance of a single task in a sequence of dependent task and expands management time. The critical chain approach will place attention to a sequence of dependent task. TPM- uses the early start schedule as the baseline for all management decisions, however, critical chain uses the late start schedule. TPM- focuses only on the critical path and managers in comportment with that. Critical chain focuses on the path with resource constraint and managers in accord with the best use of resources. The CCPM approach is identical to the TPM approach. The project net work diagram is defined and the Critical Path is identified. Usually in this case engaging in the TPM approach, " resource leveling " is executed so as to have all resources ( human and financial ) directed to the " Critical Path " . Schedule compression is achieved through the CCPM approach, however, placing " Contingencies " at the end of a sequence of a dependent task is one of several options. These are just some of the models and steps one might like to engage during a project of any kind. Further it reduces duration and cost.

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