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When it comes to a home's value, its the smaller details that can make or break future sales.

Windows and doors are particularly important because when they are not up to par, the entire look and feel of the home - not to mention the practical aspect of efficiency - can devalue the entire property. When a home has a strong curb appeal, including details like a beautiful, welcoming entry door, the value of a home easily increases.

Further, maximizing energy efficiency in an ICF structure requires some other important steps, such as the use of adequate attic insulation, quality windows and doors, and a properly - sized high efficiency H-VAC system.

With such an effort put into building an energy efficient home. If the proper windows are not used, the whole idea of having an energy efficient home can go to waste. The best window material to use is fiberglass due to its similar properties to ICF walls. Fiberglass windows can offer great insulation values to compliment the R-Values of the walls and therefore efficiently fill the window spaces rather than having a vinyl window that will let off a cold space around the window. In addition, argon gas filled triple glazed fiberglass windows add the finishing touch to ICF home getting the best insulation performance that can be achieved from a home. Fiberglass windows and ICF walls both have great benefits and perform greatly when used together to create a durable home to live in for any years to come. Fiberglass windows are strongly recommended as an energy efficient solution for ICF construction.

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