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The Pointe Project, In my view, though cynosure, seemed to be conflated with ambiguous interpretations of its Heads of Agreement. This, however, leaves us all at a point of askance. Even though my overall expectations of this project is to be optimistic, I fail to see a herculean effort made by the Government to cause Bahamian Construction Professionals, Contractors and Workers to play an effective role.

If the position intimated by the former Minister of Works "The Government should choose actions that are in the best interest of the citizens", is taken, then we should all be clamoring for this effect. This project however, can be sure-fire and deliver much good to the Bahamian people.

The issue at the Pointe should not be confined to percentage of Headcount. But also, to Crashing, Fast Tracking, Resource Leveling or Resource Loading conditions for progress should be Pollyanna not Bahamians being dictated to by outsiders. Further, Bahamian Construction Professionals should not be ossified and tether with dashed hopes and opportunities. Bahamians should never be left out of the loop.

There should be a collaborative alignment brought on by the Director of Labor. He should invite the BCA President to the table, request a cursory look-see of the Pointe's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Project Schedule. These items may not be apart of the Heads of Agreement. Along with the Pointe's representatives, determine whether the activities and work elements sequenced in the schedule warrants Crashing and/or Fast Tracking options that would facilitate Bahamians, Period.

Crashing (compressing the time to catch up to the Project schedule by adding more bodies to the Project or Work Package, assuming the project budget can handle it).

Fast Tracking (when it is determined that activities can be done in parallel without compromising the Project).

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